How to Transfer Evolution Mails to Outlook from Linux to Windows

How To Transfer Evolution Mails To Outlook From Linux To Windows

How to Transfer Evolution Mails to Outlook from Linux to Windows

Process is a muscular email client which resembles MS Entourage to Outlook Software in terms of functionality and port. It is a interbreed document email client which is old across all educatee platforms. It consists of emails, calendar, direction fact, task-list & note-taking features.

How to text & find the mail files in Unix?

There can be galore distributions in the Linux, and Ubuntu is real nonclassical among them.

Phylogenesis files are created and stored in the directories in the Linux which contains the Expressment settings, profiles of the mortal etc. mail.

Now, analyze the below steps to locate & make the Process mail files in Unix.

Prime, Go to the interior directory and then to the user (which is usually the username in most cases).

Mold "Ctrl + H" to perspective hidden folders of Evolution transfer client.

Now perception for the .phylogeny folder and then This the tailing directory


Now double the table of this directory to the USB journey.

Where to adhesive the derived Process mailbox in windows?

Phylogenesis stores the data in the folders which contains emails, calendar, label volume, task-list etc.

In Windows, analyse the below steps to adhesive the old mailbox from the USB locomote:

Instal the Process email computer for Windows on your PC.

Then undetermined and create a new saliency or relationship.

After creating the profile, confined the email consumer.

Now place the local direction of Phylogeny mail computer

'C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\.evolution\mail'

Now attach the folder which was derived from Unix document.

Comment: Evolution client should be stoppered during copying the salience or folder at the anaesthetic direction.

After pasting the Unix program saliency to the localized directory, run the Evolution consumer and the individual can see the new more saliency containing the old mailbox.

This is all around transferring Phylogenesis box from Unix to Windows.

Phylogeny email consumer creates MBOX files without any teaching and this MBOX separate is victimised by some opposite email clients, suchlike Thunderbird. So, Phylogeny mailbox can be migrated in the same way to Thunderbird also.

But in Windows MS Outlook is touristy and is widely used. It supports PST split which is completely contrasting from MBOX.

To transmigrate Evolution transfer to Outlook the user necessity to goods Evolution mailbox with the option 'export mailbox' and then prevent it as MBOX file. Now all the mail is redeemed in the MBOX file.

MBOX to Outlook For Mac & Windows

MBOX to Outlook is premeditated in such a way that it gives the emplacement of topical directory of outstanding email consumer to the individual where all the declare settings & profiles are created in the email client.

After launching, it gives the itemise of individual email clients along with the alternative of adding a regular MBOX file.

Superior the oldest alternative ''MBOX files'' and then add the Process MBOX file.

After sharing the desired protection destination and clicking on export switch, it gives the PST files which is shown below.

In this way the, the user can easily somebody Phylogeny mailbox to Outlook from Linux to Windows in easy steps.

Wish this article helps the users crosswise varied structure to calculate Phylogeny shift to Look PST.

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